We're Crushing our Sustainability Targets

At Boat O'Craigo we are proud to make sustainability one of our core aims, particularly in the hospitality industry where managing the varied forms of waste, in this case glass waste, is often a messy, heavy and sometimes dangerous, activity. We are proud to partner withBottle-Cycler, finalist in the Premier’s Sustainability Awards, as the glass recycling experts to the hospitality industry. They have developed a unique behind-the-bar technology that provides an innovative glass management solution.\

The Stats (Yeah, the Good Stuff!)

In the 12 months that we've partnered with Bottle-Cycler, we haven proudly saved:

  • 4.185 tonnes of C02
  • 6,750kg of glass removed and recycled
  • 1.0051 cars removed from the road
  • 46.2375 gigajoules of electricity 
  • 16,470 litres of water
  • 16.2 m3 of landfill space

The Importance of Glass Management

Glass recycling is a crucial part of our modern sustainability efforts, with climate change issues continuing to drive our priorities, so building a sustainable glass recycling practice has been a crucial investment for us. Glass recycling is backed by scientific innovation; from crushing to repurposing, every step of glass recycling is focused on reducing waste, increasing sustainability, along with the human side of the issue; taking care of staff as well as saving our small business on overhead costs.

Bottle-Cycler's on-siteglass crushing machine, which lives with us at Boat O'Craigo in our marquee space, has allowed us to reduce waste volume by up to 80%, and has enabled us to store up to five times the amount of bottles in the same space as our previous standard recycling practices.

The Recycling Process from Boat O and Beyond

The process of glass recycling begins at the point of collection. When glass is contaminated with other waste, it’s unable to be recycled, emphasising the need for efficient collection and sorting systems to ensure sustainability. For venues throughout Australia, BottleCycler’s onsite glass crushing technology enables the highest quality of glass recycling, keeping glass recyclables separate from other onsite waste.

Each bin contained within the Bottle-Cycler crusher can hold up to 300 glass bottles (which at a winery like ours, we go through VERY quickly!). Once glass is crushed on-site and stored in Bottle-Cycler's small bins, it is collected and sorted based on colour and composition, which enables it to be melted based on its chemical composition.

From there, the crushed glass – known as cullet – is cleaned to remove any impurities, like Organic Contaminants, plastics or metals. This is a vital step in ensuring the quality of the recycled glass outcomes.

The clean, crushed glass is then melted in a furnace. As recycled glass can be melted at a lower temperature than raw materials, this can help to save energy and reduce associated carbon emissions.

Once the glass has been melted, it is sent along to companies like Orora, who remould the recycled glass into new bottled and products. Glass’s versatility means that it can be recycled repeatedly without running the risk of losing its purity or quality, creating ongoing renewable benefits through careful glass recycling management. 

The Environmental Impact of Recycling Glass

Recycling glass has a range of powerful environmental impacts, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption through lower melting points
  • Lowered carbon emissions as a result of less energy used
  • The conservation of natural resources through its recyclable nature
  • Ongoing contributions to a sustainable, circular economy, where materials are continuously reused and waste is reduced 

With the science behind glass recycling a testament to what’s possible when environmental conservation is at the forefront, BottleCycler is proud to play a key role in contributing to positive and sustainable practices within the glass recycling process. 

Watch our Bottle-Cycler in Action

Keen visitors to Boat O'Craigo may have noticed our bottle crusher (aka Reginald) at work, particularly over a weekend. Next timer you're in, if you are keen to see how the process works, please be sure to ask staff for a demonstration.